The Pre-Śankara Advaita Tradition

Statement of the Problem There is a misconception at the present that Advaita is the primary if not the sole comprehensive understanding of the Vedic system when Advaita rejects 95% of the Vedic texts. Advaita was an alien...
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The Inverted Tree of Ideologies

Liberalism grew out of three problems: (a) the universalism of truth, (b) failure to find a method to find or establish the universalism of any truth claim, and (c) falsification of all universal truth claims through evidence...
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Gnostic, Nag Hammadi, and Dead Sea Texts

Even as Abrahamic religions claim exclusivism, remnants of pagan cultures can be found not just in their present-day texts but more so in texts that immediately preceded them. We find masculine and feminine deities, reincarnation...
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